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The big TV-series discussion thread

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Binged The Umbrella Academy season 2 and thought it was really good. The first season was very good, but this was a massive step up in the right direction. Really, really good and fun.


Also watched High Score on Netflix, which is about games and goes into everything from early video games to newer stuff, and gets into LARPs, soundstracks, people who won competitions and people who made early games within certain genres that no one really knows about. Loved the interview with the gay guy who made GayBlade. Would fucking love to play that game. The way they talked about it made it seem like a masterpiece. Really good series overall.

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Binged Cobra Kai in a couple of days and thought it was bloody superb. The choreography is, for most part, messy and rather poor, the acting is at times good and at other times bloody awful, but everything just went so well together and the series just had this genuine 80's feeling to it. Was like watching something from the 80's. Awesome! Can't wait for a new season.

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