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勇企(yuuki)(ex-UnsraW) new band "DOAK" has formed

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ERIZA members new band "DOAK" will hold their first live at 2015/06/14, and their new single "揚羽-ageha-" will be released at 2015/07/01 (2 TYPE, 1,620yen each)


"DOAK" members:
Vo.勇企(yuuki) (ex-COЯE THE CHILD-->UnsraW)
Gt.暁(satoshi) (ex-フィズ(fizz)-->レトルト(retort)-->Para:noir-->D.I.D.)
Ba.IORI (ex-オルガ(ORGE), Créateur(support))
Dr.和春(kazuharu) (ex-Sephiro-->MiD DERACINE-->AMARANYX, PSYCHE-プシュケ-, now UNLIMITED RULEBOOK(support))




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how yuuki still gets work as the worst vk vocalist out there idk

Funny thing is that back in Core the Child, his cleans were actually pretty good. His harsh vocals sucked balls though. At the end of CTC and the beginning of Unsraw, his harsh vocals improved dramatically, but his cleans just got worse and worse during his time in Unsraw. I just heard this clip and yea, it's not very good, sadly.

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after a few listen to the preview, i have to say that the clean vocal sounds very bad, now i dont understand why satoshi left the better vocalist to form this band. even the music doesn't sound good as d.i.d., i hope the full thing will be better.

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