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Post-punk / New wave / Goth / Deathrock

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I come bearing links to random newish deathrock / goth-punk bands with free stuff:


Totenwald have a pretty solid debut EP out, nice & punky~



Masses dropped a dark lil' album after a split and an EP~


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btw, if you're interested in deathrock - there's one of the best active goth band in russia (to be honest in russia deathrock is the less popular genre and goth guys went underground after 2003 (right after 'goth'-fashion rise)  
tried in vain to find something similar on russian goth scene, but... they're still one of the best /sorry my bad taste/



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1 hour ago, DREAMON DREAMER said:

sorry for spamming here




Pale Cocoon one love *-*

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if you're quoting videos, put them in spoilers

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25 minutes ago, DREAMON DREAMER said:

So, how about...

the same persons as far i know, fix me if i'm wrong


Well,i have all songs by Funeral Party on my phone,and they're awesome,kinda make me feel very sleepy sometimes:D
But i still don't have time to give Gilles de Rais a listen. Are they worth listening?

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My sweethearts from Budapest released a new album. Biting & dark post-punk bordering on deathrock / old-school punk, excellent yet again.




(random trivia: the title "Tétova Lelkek", meaning "Hesitant Souls", was originally the Hungarian title of the cult movie "Gummo")

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Was just listening to Grave Pleasures' (f.k.a Beastmilk) today and wondering when will they release something new and then I see this, haha.


I'm glad this is sounding a lot more similar to Climax than anything on Dreamcrash.



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I'm really curious to find out what were some of the best goth / post-punk / etc. releases in 2016 according to you guys? I feel like I haven't been able to check out enough, or just haven't had the time to look deep enough. As for me, these are the only ones that spring to mind right now:


Ash Code - Posthuman (sample)

Belgrado - Obraz (sample)

Gustave Tiger - Chaste and Mystic Tribadry (sample)

Padkarosda - Tétova Lelkek (sample)


...and of course I'm still in the process of checking some stuff out that I've missed last year (The Bellicose Minds, Terminal Gods, The Mission, etc).

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Gotta say I'm really really enjoying Drab Majesty's new album "The Demonstration" and A Black People's debut album "Dust and Shadows". Just wanted to throw it out here.






Hopefully gonna catch the former live in April, opening for King Dude. Can't wait!

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Just found this cool one-man project Lock Howl recently. Excellent goth/deathrock with some surprising black metal influenced bits tossed in here and there.




Recommended for fans of old Beastmilk and/or murky dark (post)punk for example.

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My friend recently got to see this band at a concert. For those who don't know (Though it has been shared here once, but there are still those who may not), this is Drab Majesty. They're an amazing Dark Wave duo that definitely hits the 80's sound and aesthetic. The lead vocalist/guitarist, Deb DeMure, plays a "genderless cult leader alien" persona. A friend of mine got to met him at a concert and got a picture with him. She was going to ask if they were Vkei influenced, but she didn't have enough time. Though, I guess you could you look at his makeup in this video and say "Yeah, this guy probably listens to some 90's Vkei" xD

Don't let the Visual Aesthetic turn you off, for these guys are also amazingly creative. 

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Hi here I will leave some videos of some gothic bands and their derivatives of Deathrock and Darkwave that can not miss the Old school GOTHIC 🦇;


Skeletal Family

Is a Gothic rock band formed in Keighley, West Yorkshire (England) in December 1982. The group was formed from members of an earlier band, Elements, and took its name from the song "Chant of The Ever -Circling Skeletal Family "from the album Diamond Dogs by David Bowie (1972).

New Wave, Goth Rock, Deathrock, Post-Punk



Shadow Project (Eternal Rozz Williams 💙  my favorite band, All projects with Rozz)

Deathrock, Gothic rock

Second big project of Rozz Williams, formed in 1987, after his departure from Christian Death. Eva O. was permanent member of band, beside Rozz.



Faith And The Muse

Gothic Rock, Ethereal

American dark wave duo formed in 1993 and based in Los Angeles, California.



Mephisto Walz

Gothic rock

was formed by Barry Galvin and Johann Schumann in Germany, 1985, following his departure from the influential gothic group, Christian Death. Barry gathered an impressive line-up and later added Christianna on vocals, helping to mold a unique and classic goth sound.


Corpus Delicti

It was a French group of gothic rock and post-punk active in the late 80's and early 90's.


Switchblade Symphony

Is a band originally from San Francisco, United States, based on the Darkwave Gothic adding elements of trip hop.



London After Midnight

American Gothic rock/Darkwave band from California founded 1990.




Czech Gothic-rock band from Jihlava, formed 1985.



Deathrock, Gothic Rock, Coldwave, Batcave, Darkwave, Post-punk

was a Gothic rock group formed in Saint Quentin, France, consisting of Jacquy Bitch (vocals, bass and guitar), Bob and Eric (keyboard), and Renee (drums) in autumn 1983. Jacquy was heavily influenced by Bands like Virgin Prunes and Christian Death, and in this way, all the concerts of Neva were characterized by a kind of theatrical atmosphere during its development. In their musical style of the group they emphasize the prominent use of the keyboards and the characteristic voices of Jacquy. Possibly one of the most important bands of independent French jewelry of its time, Neva split in 1990, initiating Jacquy's hip solo career.



The Frozen Autumn

Italian Darkwave band founded in 1993 in Turin.

Similar group Clan of Xymox


Le Vene Di Lucretia

is an Italian band formed by Lorenzo Manetti (vocals), Tiziano Bellini (guitar), Astrid Morrigan (bass) and Tommaso Chiani (drums).
A whole funeral committee that welcomes us to a disconcerting world, makes presence in a hypnotic way, seducing us with a low mark and a punching guitar in the purest Deathrock style.



Cult Club

minimal wave, synthpop, new wave, synth-pop

Is the musical project of Berlin artists Sally Jørgensen and László Antal. Their sound is a dark dreamscape of electro pop with accents of harmonic vocal melodies and bending bass riffs.



Sally Dige

Synth-pop, New Wave, Darkwave

is a Danish-Canadian artist who also writes music. Currently based in Berlin (Germany). 


Forever Grey

is a Coldwave / Darkwave from Michigan, USA.



Otto Dix

Is an electro Darkwave band from Russia.


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