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Things your significant other does that makes you go awwwwww

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oh, there's some.

But one that most memorable for me is,

The memories is still as clear as my computer screen.

when we travelling together to Pattaya, Thailand.

We stayed there for a month, rent a flat on Jom Tien area.

And that was 2nd week of October to 1st week of November.

And on my B'day, he said to me to not do any chores,

he will serve me all day long, make me King of the day, he said. :mrgreen:

He fixed me breakfast, cooked some Bavarian foods for Lunch,

and we eating out for dinner.

It was a very spacious restaurant,

our seat that already booked by him days before we arrived were on second floor.

Open air, we sat next to the beach.

The lights only provided by candles, t'was awesome!

long story short, we ate.

and i said i am full, so i may skipped the dessert.

but somehow he insist i must take one, so O.K i will eat as i can i answered.

he got banana split and i neapolitan. During half of his banana split,

i already finished my dessert *so much for being too full lol*

but he stopped eating, he asked me to finish his,

i just raised my eye brow comically and eat it seconds after.

Couples of spoons after, i felt like i chewed on some hard substance.

So i spit it out, and see something glimmering on the puddle of chewed banana.

It was a ring, and he proposed me that night :wub:

We had 2 happy years before he passed away.

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When he spits in my mouth as we fuck.


Uh, mine is... a couple of years ago, when it was "National Kissing Day" here in the UK (I know, it's awesome), my ex ignored my texts all day. She used to send me one before going to work and then immediately after asking if she could come over. I was a little worried and upset but when it was almost midnight I got a message with the words "I'm at the front door, meet me downstairs." At bang on 11:59pm, one minute before the silly holiday ended, I answered the door and was met with the biggest kiss ever. :)

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He plays pokemon still and checks anime44.com daily to see if new episodes of that show or Digimon are out to watch with me. It makes feel all warm and fuzzy and be all "Awww you're just as hopeless as I am (/^\\\\^)/ ."

Same here. Some of my friends still laugh at me, when I play Pokémon on my Gameboy, but she always gets intrested about what I do, and so on. I accepted, that it's my lonely hobby, but she accepts it, and she is intrested about it, and I'm happy that she is intrested about it.

And in addiction to this, the way she acts when she sees a cat; it's something like OMG ITZ A CAT *aaawwww*, which can sound a bit childish for others, but it always makes me go aaaawww.

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It makes feel all warm and fuzzy and be all "Awww you're just as hopeless as I am (/^\\\\^)/ ."

Me and Benjamin do the exact same thing XD fun. Though we're not an 'actual' couple (and I'm too scared to ask him anyway), we're special freaks, and no one really understands us. So he knows he has me, and I have him. Though I'm sure that if Axell'd pay attention to him, he'd dump me. I'd understand. Well... we usually have this really long phone calls, and talk about the most random things ever. After I hang up I feel all cheesy. And... when he told me I was his only true friend. That made me cry.

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I have no significant other. Never had, probably never will. If they have to put up with the whole real me I don't think someone would be able to take all my emotional hurricanes. I could adapt but shouldn't people love you for who you are and not for someone you're not because you're keeping in all your character traits?


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