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AvelCain 2 new singles release & participation in movie

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it is announced at AvelCain vs シビレバシル(sibilebashir) 2-man live "月の虹(tsuki no niji)" at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2015/11/27 that AvelCain 2 new singles "月-MOON-" "蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)" will be released at 2016/01/27 and at 2016/02/24 respectively (2 TYPE each)


limited edition (1,620yen, limited 1000 each) will include CD+lyrics card (4 pages), and regular edition (540yen, limited 1500 each) will include CD+lyrics card (2 pages)


"月-MOON-" [track list]
02.影(kage) (included in limited edition)
03.夜光虫(yakouchuu) (included in limited edition)



"蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)" [track list]
02.罠(wana) (included in limited edition)
03.弟切草(otogirisou) (included in limited edition)



AvelCain Vo.業-karma- & シビレバシル(sibilebashir) Vo.和泉(izumi) will participate in movie "MOONBOW", for which opening theme will be AvelCain "月-MOON-", ending theme will be シビレバシル(sibilebashir) "月姫(tsukihime)" and featured track will be AvelCain "蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)"



btw they will hold their one-man live tour "はじまり(hajimari)" since Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 at 2016/03/12 and up to tour final at Akasaka BLITZ at 2016/06/23



they will hold VS live at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT as follows:


2016/01/25 - vs Neverland vs えんそく(ensoku) vs THE BLACK SWAN
2016/01/28 - vs ぞんび(zonbi) vs REIGN
2016/01/29 - vs シビレバシル(sibilebashir)


AvelCain vs Synk;yet will hold their 2-man live "拘束" at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2016/02/03


ギャロ(THE GALLO)×AvelCain will hold their 2-man live tour "魔王×信徒 極彩色ノ流血淋漓 初春の陣" at Nagoya HEART LAND at 2016/02/11, at Urawa Narciss at 2016/02/13 and at Kagurazaka TRASH UP!! at 2016/02/14


AvelCain vs ギガマウス(GIGAMOUS) will hold their 2-man live "アベルマウス" at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2016/02/20


AvelCain vs DADAROMA will hold their 2-man live tour "雨鳴り響く踏切" at Shinsaibashi FAN-J at 2016/02/24, at Nagoya ell.SIZE at 2016/02/25 and at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2016/02/28



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About this movie.. Karma and Izumi are both in it and are doing the opening and closing themes to it?? This is fucking amazing.. must see it.


However I'm just much happier to hear new AC releases, and Sibile too of course

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im really confused but the super melodic direction eve is pushing them in isnt all that bad

but it sounds kinda off in the same way beni was

i guess well have to wait and see

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