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tell me about ur ideal lover.

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since you say lover, then it's based on sincere love.

then my understanding is someone that perceived by inner self (Emotional/spiritual needs)

than outer one (lust, attractiveness, wealth, etc)

given that, my ideal lover is someone who can be my best friend.

someone that connects with me, though we may have different views about

how we see the world. But we can complete to each other than to make it a bigger gap for each party.

Someone that compassionate, truly loving and caring,

Someone that i can talk for hours and makes gloomy day feels so bright.

Someone that will lend his hand when i stumbled.

Someone that will sing me back the lyrics whenever i forgotten the words.

Someone that walk by my side, not leading nor following.

Someone that i will not bored seeing for years to come.

Someone that genuine, talk his minds,

and give me some argument if he thinks he's not agree with my idea

and solved it so it will be win win solutions for both side before we went to sleep everynight.

Someone that will treated me back the way i treated him.

edit: most importantly, someone that who will love me for who i am.

Like, even the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of me.

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My ideal lover would be...

isn't dorky,tall,thin,rich(average?),and has good k/ledge at least

from inside: understands me,sincere,not easily mad,love me as who I am,will never break a

promise and respect.

of course I'm not judging on physical look for real.

Just that^^

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Someone important/respected (a boss of the company or at least someone I respect for doing something interesting and being good at it, who accomplished something in his life), not necesarily filthy rich, but not completely poor either, can be the middle-class (it's not only about him spending money on me, but also about the respect of people around), no drinking&no smoking. Personality: someone I'd get along with. It's no use to describe it, because someone's trait may irk me, but I don't care about a different person having the same problem with themselves, because it's not that annoying for example.

Good looking is a must, even my horoscope says I get attracted to good looking people (even if I'm a fug myself :( ). I actually don't have a problem with the guy being short, because I'm very short myself. No anorexic types, no way. I like when a guy is a little bit muscled and thin, but too skinny is rather... meh, unless there is something attarctive about his body and face. I also hate short hair, it looks bad on many guys.

Actually I'd rather not have a lover than force myself to be with someone I don't like something about, so I'll probably stay single forever xD. I'm not that awesome to get such an ideal man, lol

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Uhm... :3


Caucasican or Japanese lol, who speaks Italian or at least English fluently

Who lives in Milan and is able to meet me once a week, I hate long-distance relationship on distance.

Handsome (at least cute, let's say): 170-185 cm, thin, long and scalar visual kei-ish hair, fine lineaments. About how he dresses, I usually don't care, but I prefer visual kei-ish/punk-ish style.

Around 18-23 years old (though I usually don't care about age)

At least 70% of interests in common with mine (so, basically, VK, anime&manga, splatter movies; then Japan and hard rock generally, but he must be mindly open)

Shy outside, but in deep really open with person who likes

Loyal but a little rebel with family/school/job/whatever XD

Intelligent and curious

Likes cuddling and roleplay (LOL X//D)

wish me good luck, lol

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Outside female: shorter than me,nice curves and booty XD. asian, spanish or white(these it depends really)

Inside female: klutz,very determined,caring,sweet,open-minded,mature and calm.

Other aspects: fashionista(like myself),good cooker and likes travelling

Outside male: my height or a little/tiny taller,well build/compacted body,and facial hair(this i really find sexy XD, lil bit not too much) asian, spanish or white(these it depends really)

Inside male: open-minded,calm,shy,smart,mature,generous,sporty and book worm.

Other aspects: likes to help out,poet,musician,likes art

Im mostly interested in older peeps cuz they are mature and know more about live. 21 - 25

It depends tho on older ppl around 26-33 XD

Example of older man: 29yrs old.


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Someone's like Taka of ONE OK ROCK or TK of Rin Toshite Shigure, lolol. A rather lanky guy with messy, [shoulder-length] hair, glasses, and thin beard wins; but that's more like a fetish of mine. My definition of 'handsome guy' or an ideal partner I want to live together with changes as I grow up, and that'd be like Gaspard Ulliel when I was 14 or so.

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