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I hope its okay to post it here... I've run out of ideas :(




Hello there! ♡ 

I’ve started a oversea project for DOAKs last live.
If you want to join us, I’d be really really thankful and happy for your support! ♡ 

Already tried a lot of things to get more attention for this, but failed...

We’ve planned to organize one of those flower arrangements

(those thingies in front of the live halls at some concerts)
Since I’m not in Japan before the concert I’ve got the help of someone living in Tokyo who will organize everything for me (thanks a lot!)
If you’re interested please comment here or contact me on the facebook page

--> https://www.facebook.com/doaksupport/

--> https://www.facebook.com/events/1213172795374737/


The Project contains:

- taking part in the paying for the flowers (its about 27.000yen)

- writing letters to the members (I'll give them to the members)


It makes me kind of sad that there's nearly no interested in the things I post on my support site/the event.
I tried every kind of advertising that is possible for me, I've posted it on tumblr (also asked some vk-blogs to help me share the project,

but everyone ignored my messages :( )... on twitter... shared it several times on facebook...
I just can't reach enough people because I'm not "famous" enough in the vk-scene...

DOAK needs to know that there weren't fans in Japan only, they need to know that they're loved and that they will be missed.
I know that they weren't the best band out there, but they tried. They gave their best. On every song they performed...


Thank you for reading this.

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That's a pretty neat idea, not too sure I'll be able to write some letters (due to embarrassment about the hieroglyphs that is my handwriting) but if I got some money to spare by the end of the month, I'll gladly chip in a bit.

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seems like there aren't many people here too.... makes me sad, but still, have some updates

anyway, thank you for reading.





Okay, so I’ve decided that I’ll collect the money via my personal PayPal since I don’t know anyone who ever used a crowdfunding site

and I’m not sure about how those sites work… I think this would be the easiest way without any problems…
I’ll send the order next week, but there’s still some time left for sending money.
I think I’ll set the deadline for 5th August.

This will be the last day you can participate to the flower arragement part of the project.



Remember: Yuukis birthday is only 4 days before the concert, so happy birthday cards are very welcome too!)
The deadline for the letters to the members will be 10th August for letters from Germany.

The deadline for other countries will be the 1st August, since they will need longer until they’ll arrive at my house…




PLEASE NOTE: I won’t accept the money before 25th July because of personal use of PayPal,

I don’t want the money to get lost etc because I use PayPal a lot,

but I won’t buy anything during that period, so don’t worry about this!

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for those who were interested: The project is cancelled.
Seems like everyone lost interested who wanted to participate and I can't pay everything on my own.



I've only collected a small present and a few euros for the project, so I had to cancel it.


This is my last try to organize something, so please PM me if you are interested.

There are some more informations on the DOAK Support page and the event I've created.




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I soooo wish I had joined this forum sooner!! I totally get the feeling of people not being interested in the band you love T__T I wish more people had participated!!

I'll be going to DOAK's last live though! (August 20th, right?) so if you're still trying to do something (even if it's small) I'd be glad to help! I have a friend here who's relatively big on the VK scene as far as foreigners go. I'm pretty sure she's into Doak as well so she might be able to help too ^^

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thank you :)
sadly its too late for everything now, but I'll only make some small presents for the members and give it to them ( I'll be going to their last live too^^)
some friends gave me some letters and small presents for them too, but it's still sad that I wasn't able to organize something bigger :(

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Well,a few things are better than nothing I guess. I'm sure the Japanese fans have organized something nice for them at least ^^ and I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort you put in! I hope you can still enjoy the live! 

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