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helcchi's band drawings

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So this is something I’d completely forgotten about - Nokubura’s Masa had my artwork as his lock screen one time in 2012. And for some reason, “rediscovering”  it four years later, I’m way more excited about it now than I was back then. But not only that, back then the only place I uploaded it to was deviantart with no mention of any of the bandmembers and how Masa was able to find it is anyone's guess.


I know many of you will not care and have not seen my artwork, but I was most artistically active between 2011 and 2013, having drawn about 60 bands in that timeframe. One of the reasons for my eternal hiatus after that was the amount of art theft that started to kill my motivation. And as I got older and busier, it’s not easy finding the time to do these hobbies as I used to. However the other reason was my own fault, seeing no real improvement in my art style and subsequently sitting on a shitload of unfinished drafts from 2013.


But enough of my life story because I finally decided to pick up that tablet again and so here’s to my first band artwork in almost 4 years - Jiluka




If I have the guts, I'll be posting them onto my social media accounts in the following days, but this forum gets to see it first :3 I hope you enjoy this "advanced screening"  (Suggestions are welcome!) 

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Picked up the tablet again around the new year, and finally joined ig. Just been doodling a few bandmen on their birthdays lol


December 30: the most crowded birth date in vk





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