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[HELP] -OZ- band members

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9 minutes ago, patientZERO said:

I think I remember hearing that Zukki was playing in some session bands around 2014ish, but I don't have any concrete evidence.


He was doing sessions as recently as September 2015. He hasn't updated his Twitter since so he's been MIA for over a year now 

Everyone else disappeared off the face of the planet after OZ's last live in June 2013. 

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2 hours ago, patientZERO said:

Was there ever a concrete reason for their disbandment?

No, but there are some clues so we can piece it together.

I don't think they ran out of money but I think it was possible they saw ahead and couldn't find a way to turn a profit and continue activities. After ROUGE, their activity slowed down a lot but that album didn't sell any better or worse than VERSUS. They tried changing elements of their music to react to criticism about their sound, and I remember mixed results, but I also don't think that was a fundamental factor in their disbandment either. Their COMPLETE BEST ALBUM's existence (a bit of a misnomer since it's missing nine songs) means they had enough clout and money left with their label to reprint all their music - even if it was a limited run. And the fact that none of them have resurfaced in music in any capacity leads me to think they just were done with making music. Money may have been a big factor but probably not the only factor.

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1 hour ago, Doesn'tEvenGoHere said:

Thanks for that.


Found an article about it here.

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