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Memorable Millenial Kei Vocalists

10th Anniversary Favorite Vocalist Poll  

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  1. 1. Check all of your favorites (if your favorite is not listed, list it below!)

    • 郁磨 (Ikuma)
    • 壱-hajime-
    • Ryuga
    • 一葵 (Kazuki)
    • YUKI
    • 芥 (Akuta)
    • Ryoga

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I love a lot of vocalist's mentioned here but i cant really chose one vocalist this kinda ties into the thread posted about unrated v-kei singers and stuff but my top 5 in a random order are gonna be listed here



Otogi (ex-毒蝶 → 夜魔徒撫死子 → Maria「…」nette → アヲイ/awoi)



Vocal. (yuri) (ex- rosalie (ロザリオ) → 13 → dizSolid--> Signal-->暴食楽団~MEGA盛XX~)

(Notable bands: Signal)





 Vo. L (ex-Amber Bullet-->The 3rd Birthday-->now in balalaika)

Notiable bands: The 3rd birthday 





Vo. Ice (EX- Xodiack-->Black gene for the next scene-->now in Ice(solo project)




Vo. Mikaru (Ex- Ray, ハルシオン, Halcion, DIGRAS, DIO ~Distraught Overlord~, BLACK LINE-->now in G.L.A.M.S)





I am a sucker for deep voices i know >.< but overall these are my top 5 in general. There are a bunch more i would wanna put but these are the one in my opinion one of the best 




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Ok, for myself I'm a sucker for any kind of power metal and so I have to give a huge shout-out for JULIA from Cross Vein ♥ 




I mean, she is still very young and has a lot to learn regarding her singing technique, but damn, I just love her vocal colour *_* And she is really fitting with the band in general! \m/

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I think keiyuh is pretty good though 

His voice can reach a high point without  breaking his voice I really enjoyed the earlier albums and early 2010


Dai had a great transformation from his vk style in 2002 - 2003 probably my favourite songs came from that time when they dropped the style the same year they disbanded :(


Tomo from vistlip Imo has a great voice for rapping 


Tsuyoshi Himura was part of a cool underground band with incredible success then turned to a more obscure but still great band  and 21g which was a really great different taste in music 




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i know this vocalist wasnt listed may not be as famous or liked but gin of gyakushuunojisakujienya notible voice just look at his previous projects or etc. he is great at what he does and should be noticed he doesnt get enough recognition or his past work inagery and lyrics he uses so exact and perfect  i persoanlly nominate him anytime memoriable person to be know  he definetly wowed me ina ll aspects as one few vox that proved to me depression isnt all music is but joy and excitement

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