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OHP - http://www.dolly-web.com/

VISUNAVI - http://www.visunavi.com/artist/preview.php?id=980

Last.fm - Last.fm/D??lly

Formed in 2005.

Dolly are:

Vocal: 蜜(????)Mitsu

Guitar: ??(????)Masa

Guitar: ゆ???? Yuina

Bass:???? Hachi

Drums: 亜樹(????)Tsuguki

I really like this band ever since I started to listen to Shinsoku Rosette (侵食ロゼッタ) & Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)

It's a really nice song, & all of them are very cute >_<

I especially like Mitsu :P

Does anyone else know this band?

just edited the image, cos the former one were removed by imageshack.


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^ yeah, u should ^^

Shinsoku Rosette , Suisai Palette sounds pretty good.

I never really like their songs before these two single too...

But it's these two single that got me finally into them ^^

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I have


2ripped sweets

Cynical Closet


Tricolore Opera [shinshoku Rosetta]

Tricolore Opera [ussetsu Drop]

Tricolore Opera [suisai Palette]

I need the new single......someone have it? it would be great love this band :rolleyes:

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And thank you very much, Maru...for some of your tracks from DOLLY. I used to listen to their "2 ripped sweets" and "Tricolor Opera" a lot back when they were first released...but clean forgotten about them~*sweat*

Somehow, I got around to listen to Mitsu again after SCRAP BULLET [7DAYS] . Awesome!!

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