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The Official Mix-Tape thread

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As you all know, every other month a trade-off is hosted here on the forum! However, many people enjoy creating more than one playlist or simply create some for fun in their spare time. Not sure where the share yours? Post them here (youtube playlist, spotify playlist, download link, etc.)so other users can enjoy them too. Feel free to post your thoughts on them.


A few things before you post:


  • Give your playlist a title
  • Give a short description ( I made this playlist based on... The theme is...)


I'll make an index on this first post once we have enough replies.


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Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to make a thread like this so I can dump all my mixes somewhere.


Now these first ones are not for everybody's tastes but maybe someone can dig them. Here's my japanese hip-hop super mix (3 mixtapes). I didn't just pick some nice songs and put them one after another but instead I actually put quite a lot of thought into these. All these mixes have some sort of theme/story. Some artists might be featured on multiple different mixes, sorry about that. But I tried to include as many different artists as I can.








description: If you're craving for cool hip-hop dipped in 80's atmosphere, this mix is for you. Synths, funky basslines, sexy sax. Could it get any cooler than that? The mix chronicles a story about a young couple in Tokyo, through the good and bad times.
duration: 39:03
mood: pretty chill, definitely saxy, night-time music.



01. IO - Mood Blue (intro)
02. IO - Mood Blue

part I. make up
05. 呂布 (Ryohu) - The More, The Better
06. 5lack - GIRL IF YOU

part II. break up

07.  DONY JOINT - Too Good To Be True (Interlude)
08. 呂布カルマ (Ryofu Karma) - 罪だと知って feat. ばんり
09. AKLO×JAY'ED - Different Man
10. IO - Play Like 80's
11. B.I.G Joe - アンサーはいつも
12. NORIKIYO - Hey Jude







description: the ultimate mixtape for chilling. Lots of soul samples and piano and laidback delivery.
duration: 40:59
mood: very chill



01. Campanella - Indigo
02. 焚巻 (Takumaki) - SUNDAY
03. WATT a.k.a. ヨッテルブッテル - かきかけのうた
04. GADORO - トワイライト
05. TOKYO HEALTH CLUB - supermarket
06. Meiso - Nakanaka
08. Jambo Lacquer - サマージャンボ
09. 5lack -  -緩-
10.  NORIKIYO - Bitter Days








title: 誰がNo.1 (Dare Ga Number One)

description: This mix is probably what kids these days would call "lit". Modern kind of beats that go hard and aggressive / flashy rapping with a lot of arrogance.
duration: 36:40
mood: uplifting, ratchet, the kind of that makes your head nod


01. KOJOE - KING SONG feat. Mayumi
04. NORIKIYO - で、誰だっけ?
05. AKLO - McLaren
06. Gradis Nice & Young Mas - Kingdom
07. YOUNG JUJU - Speed Up
08. ZORN - スイミー
09. 呂布カルマ (Ryofu Karma) - グロッキー・ボーイ
10. 田我流 (Dengaryū) - Resurrection








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4 hours ago, Mamo said:

Do these playlists need to be Japanese since this is in the "Japanese Rock" section of the forum?

ANY country, any artist and any genre. No restrictions.

I've moved it to the global section to avoid confusion :)


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What I leave here is the three remaining Secret Santa mixes I worked on before deciding to focus only on SS #2. SS #2 was submitted for the previous trade-off because it was the most flexible out of the four, allowing several opportunities to tell a story however I liked.



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Made this playlist inspired by this coffee shop in K-Town in Tokyo where I would go pretty much everyday and one day even spent literally a full day there with my friends. In our defense, they had bomb coffee and waffles and after a certain hour they would serve soju cocktails made with soju and frozen berries puree or kiwi (it was pretty much a smoothie with alcohol). Some of the songs in the playlist were often played in the coffee shop and some of them I added because I though they would fit the mood. I would always listen to these songs on lazy days when I just want to sit in bed and listen to music, so there you go, hope someone likes to do that too XD



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