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Malice Mizer Tabs

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Hello Hello Visual Angels 


Today i want to share with you, two tabs from Malice Mizer, the songs are: 


Prologue/Gardenia: https://mega.nz/#!xz5QmQ6D!dYyAlDzWN2wBVj_vY3_WwVB8DUk98HCLtRK421ljGe4

Au revoir: https://mega.nz/#!w3hDlaoI!iwcOMBWo3VL4xcxTgWL6naTALMM2AA18Yj9oMkpu5Q4


Both songs include all the instruments !! 


Enjoy it !!! 



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Are these those very old existing ones or did you make them yourselves? Since the old existing ones (for all instruments) have a lot of mistakes. I've tried using them for covers but I just ended up making them myself since they were way too sloppy.

EDIT: Oh yup just checked the MEGA, and it are the old gp4 ones.

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