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Prices are set prices. 

Wyse All 8 for  €20








All 7 for €15 





All 4 for €10  or free if you buy something





V/A albums

All 11 for € 30

1 for €5  

Trendkill2005 is €10






All 5 €15

+ vector 




LIX  all 3 for €10

SIM. €10
Redel SOLD








Shipping cost's are not cheap.



Letter €12,-

Parcel until 2KG €13,-

Parcel unitl 5KG €20,-

Parcel until 10KG €34,-



Letter €17,- 

Parcel until 2KG €25,-

Parcel until 5 KG €35,-




You know your prices.


For some European countries DPD shipping option is also possible  (Belgium, Germany, Austria, France,Spain and some more )


Shipping is cheaper. 

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16 minutes ago, suji said:

Could I get a list of those random cds?

If I had a list, I wouldn't call it a lucky pack :D 

But knowing your taste, it's not really something you would like. 

It's truly a lucky pack if you really don't care what you get. 

But if nobody wanna gamble it, I gonna try to give you a list this weekend. 

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1 minute ago, BrenGun said:

haha I already thought that, even tho it's not that much more expensive shipping as EMS shipping method. :P 

Honesty I would've jumped on the offer regardless of shipping cost but recently I've spent over $200 on various CDs and tapes and I need to cut back a little lol.

I might be back here though if they're still available when I get paid again. :)

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12 minutes ago, suji said:

Is this still available? ;0 Is it ok if I get one DVD from this pack?

Of course still available

Which one you want.


anyway, I also will add to that lucky pack


Gloriosa - selection of future (live distributed)

Black Klaxon - 2nd single [remake] sample CD 

ギルティア - cold room 

corpse corps - mirrors 

マイナス人生オーケストラ - free demo  

Takuma- My name is 

Bishop - a state of things 

Zealot - Dig Vulva  (<- highly recommend)

Biene - sure dance  

Smile Berry - 1st free distributed promo PV

ウォッカ - ムクロ  (<- highly recommend)

Despiral 7/25?? [lotus] - sample CD

Badluck good luck - 1st demo cd Hallo work..

the cord - Dessin d'ombres

gib records presents gothic industrial blackmetal 

infi2ty - infi2ty (free live distributed)

anima - anima free sample

Zill  mourn disk - 2010.10.14 shibuya o east

scape goat - special sample cd 

Takuma - Walk

Takuma - simple tone

waive - キミノヒトミニ恋シテル。+わがままロミオ

waive - 春色

Dasein - 現存在

Dasein-hyper beat rock

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6 minutes ago, suji said:

I would like the Little Hearts comment DVD

I did check up the price on puresound.

So made a price looking on that.


Would be €10 including shipping & paypal fees (no tracking)


including tracking I ask €25,- (tracking is € 16,95, and paypal fees are higher) 


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23 hours ago, Komorebi said:

Do the Acid Black Cherry CDs have the obi?

yup only the qed obi I kinda changed that it would fit in the back of the case. so that you could read QED. 

But still it's there somehow.


Edited by BrenGun

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