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The Reverend

10 Noteworthy VK Looks - 2018 Edition

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Welcome to the 3rd annual most notable VK looks presented by yours truly, The Reverend.


As usual, we're here to celebrate the 'Visual' in Visual Kei. Suggest your favorite or least favorite or weirdest looks from the past year in the comments below!


Thanks to the ORZ team for helping out and contributing, and especially @platy for making like five banners for me and letting me choose which one I liked best.


マーブルヘッド (Marblehead)





Capturing the vocalist pouring out a bag of multicolored balls is good. The fact that the guy/girl in the skirt -isn't even in the band- but is just a human prop for the photoshoot is even better.




@platy: Throwback to those 90s  // 2000s horror movies that featured scarecrows, barns and hillbillies.


ユメリープ (Yumeleep)





Yumeleep walk a really fine line with their looks. Sleepy-time Kei is aces, Baby-Kei with any hint of a diaper is the worst. Is the singer really severely cross-eyed or does he work hard to make sure he is in any photoshoot?


キズ (Kizu)





Kizu may have had the highest budget for their clothes and makeup of any VK band this year. And props for turning an otherwise nondescript white arch into a cool background.




@platy: This sleek black look is giving me undertaker vibes. Beautifully executed. 







Is lynch. a VK band again?







All-white-everything looks really killed it this year in VK, huh?


the Raid. vocalist 星七 (Sena)





Homie does realize those are Stars of David and not pentagrams right? Cause this casually pajama'd bird-jew-demon look is problematic.


SHiSHi guitarist お花 (Ohana)





Your guess is as good as mine.









@helcchi: Both looks are color-coordinated with opulent Japanese fabrics. I'm in awe of the level of detail in their costumes.


Those *are* pretty luxe fabrics.







@Peace Heavy mk IIVirge came through in the 11th hour with a great look.


I did say in a previous iteration of this that each year there's a spot reserved for the best Matina-era-VK cosplay, and this year's winner is obviously Virge. Nods to that era without cheapening it with a bunch of vinyl or shitty lighting.







At first glance this is just a boring 'my first VK look' that's pretty meh.


But then you're like; wait! Why did they not move their jail cell/room divider three feet to the right so it was in the corner and could actually prevent someone inside from getting out! Dude who is behind bars can just walk around them!


But then you're like; waiiiit their name is *Dillinger*. Is this the most subtle nod ever to the actual John Dillinger who was famous for (among many other things) escaping from jail multiple times?!


But theeenn you realize; oh my god I have thought about this way too much. No way the band was that smart, they just hoped no one would notice their jail cell missing a side.


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Virge wins.


Also guys can we stop nominating Kizu for everything. Apart from the drummer, their looks aren't really anything phenomenal. Nominate him alone instead. It  feels like people are just throwing their name around now because they're their favorite band. 

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Marblehead's simple look was definitely one of my favorites, but that 'Wrong Turn Part 50 系' was also cool.

Kizu is far from my favorite band, but their looks have all been clean and artistically pleasing (obv Kyonosuke being the peak) but it all comes together.


However I pick Sho bringing back giant floppy hats in DIMLIM, that was my top favorite.

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On 1/29/2019 at 1:39 AM, karai · ebi said:

However I pick Sho bringing back giant floppy hats in DIMLIM, that was my top favorite.


I loved that Sombrero kei look!


some of my faves
















Marblehead's vocalist scarecrow look, because just once isn't enough










xaa-xaa's noroiuta look was one of their most adventurous yet, kazuki takes the win












'What the...?' Award goes to Pentagon. This is what happens when you try too hard to relate to the youths












Actually, Pentagon deserves two mentions. The look for MANTRA was a mixed bag, but chizuru's red coat should become a signature look. Coincidentally, whenever he wears the red coat is when they sound their best, so.







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i think atsuki's look is actually great - the silhouette, the ring on the shirt, the glasses, all the little details are stylish

what makes it look bad for me is that black lipstick. and with that weird face he made for the individual photo it looks even worse

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