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I Still Believe In Love💜

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I have been in Love  and engaged for 6 years with someone that i believed  was true and that was the love of my life , unfortunately  he have get ill and is passed away in  2015 of a bad illness ,  well when you are already despair before the funeral and also  after  his funeral  you come to discover  things you didn't  know  that you didn't  expect from who you truly  love,  is with  squallor that i say  i have been betrayed behind my back and he have make pregnant a girl  behind my back, i have know this things after his funeral from his family yeah this have make me much bad  too much  to make me go in depression for one year, then after a year in 2018  i have  begin   to suffer of panic attacks  and i have rush in hospital in ambulance for a violent panick attack i have been calm down and i have been put to sleep  in hospital , i take my medicine  regularly  for keep away the panic attacks,  i feel better  also if sometimes i have still hard times but i fight!

I still believe in love because for me love is not dead still live inside me  i can't hate love  because love didn't  hurt me the person who i have loved have hurt me is not the blame of   love.

Love open doors  and the door of my heart is still open  because i still believe in love!💜

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