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Last movie you saw.

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The Hunted House Project

Korean movie in the style of blair witch/paranormal activity

about some students who go to a house wich is haunted with a camera team

and when they stay the night strange things happen

i am terrified of the paranormal activity movies (blair witch not so much)

so i was hestitating to watch this one, but my gf loves these movies, so we watched it

but i wasnt scared once, it looked like they wanted to put in too much and the scary moments were totally out of synch, they came when expected, or they didnt make sense

so not really a must see movie in my opinion

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The Mechanic

The first half of the movie was pretty decent, the second half was crazy action. Kind of inconsistent, but I was entertained.

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Once upon a time in High School

It was fun and interesting. I don't really know what more to say about it.. other than that the guy that played the main character reminded me of Sex is Zero... o.O Good film though. :3

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