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The Piass

黒ユナイト(Kuro Unite) have a new look + first mini album 「黒ノ彷徨」 release

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Their first mini album 「黒ノ彷徨」(Kuro no houkou) will be released on 2019.10.02. (2500 yen)


Tracklist :


01. 赧い蝶 (Akarai chou)


03. 釘 (Kugi)

04. Ravish Monster

05. Licks

06. 赧い蝶(off vo.)  (Akarai chou)

07. EARL GREY(off vo.)  

08. 釘(off vo.) (Kugi)

09. Ravish Monster(off vo.)

10 Licks(off vo.)

















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It's been some time, huh?


7 hours ago, The Piass said:

01. 赧い蝶 (Kuro no houkou)

06. 赧い蝶(off vo.)  (Kuro no houkou)

"Akarai chou"

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12 hours ago, Shaolan974 said:



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Yo, this is pretty decent. I know Yui has appreciable harsh vocal skills b/c of songs like "world wide wish" and "love core duck nothing", but this knocks it out of the park for them in the heavy department. 黒ユナイト (from what I've heard) has been a mixed bag for me b/c I never found the dark concepts to suit them, unless it was playfully dark like "ice". Their last releases as ユナイト were really easygoing and kinda boring, so the huge contrast here, intentional or unintentional, has got me interested in them again.


I'm glad they went all-in this time, keep it up!


*Also, LiN at 1:32 gave me a chuckle.

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