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An exclusive interview with Astaroth

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Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth.

Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single.

The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far.

Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview.





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3 hours ago, Gaz said:

thanks for the interview! 

though i do get a feeling that only MISAKI is seriously engaged into this band but for other members it is just a playground to get some new skills : /

Yeah, you can definitely tell this is 100% his band, but some of their answers were more thoughtful than other bands in past interviews. It's cool to see that he admits he draws inspiration from DAVID, which people have compared this band to before.


It always seems to be the drummer that acts like he's being harangued into doing these interviews. Are vkei drummers just not in it for the fantasy?

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