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An interview with MMS R&R ENGINEERING (never to old for R'N'R!!)

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MMS plays Simple and speedy ROCK’N’ROLL! They are a minimal unit who are sticking to the style of a three-piece, rockabilly, R&B, R&R, and PUNK together with their own sense of originality. MMS are offering amazing live performances. Also all members can use their voice as an instrument. All members are showing their skills in writing lyrics, composing songs etc. MMS shows an unique three piece style which gives a totally different expression than most R’N’R bands. The members ride motorcycles in their normal life, so they live their lifestyle as cool bikers. Because of that some of their songs are of course related to motorcycles and touring around!


Be sure to read the interview to learn more about this amazing rocking band!

Never give up your dreams, whatever age you have, keep on rocking! 





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1 hour ago, Nighttime Jae said:

Okay these dudes look rad, I stan them already based on how they look alone :'D

Thank you!


all 3 are really nice dudes.

Also the drummer (Shin-chan)  he is also the drummer of THE MINKS

hope he stays healthy....


hope they still all healthy.


I became a friend of them because of THE VACK'S. and THE VACK'S I know thanks to THE HIGH GRIP (Calmando Qual) lol



I'm glad to know them

I'm really happy.




check them out.


their music is easy to like... such rock music is easy to like. it's good, its enjoying rock music, will stay good forever. doesn't matter what age you are, you will enjoy it your whole life once you like it.



older people who still play with such spirit you should check out anyway.


if we can go to Tokyo again

be sure to visit a gig of them also if your schedule will allow it.

There will be always someone willing to talk to you. (don't worry about that)

Whenever your japanese is bad or not, they happy to meet you.  They show you 1000x more "gratitude" than any visual kei band would show to you.


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