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Instrumental (from scores to indie pieces)

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I realised there is no instrumental thread on the forum and if there is kindly delete this topic 


Anyway instrumental says it all your favourite scores or pieces you can't get out of your head, addicted to, or just sharing 

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I enjoy jannifer haines's thoughts and dreams most notably the storm begins

Have a taste

And my favourite movie of all time's complete orchastral soundtrack is and I mean was the hardest find and one of the rarest find I could land it is a eerie mysterious and a trip to the reaccuring thoughts of what we do and why we do for no particular reason and feel sad about it 

And of another movie which was exceptionally fun and soothing is American beauty's soundtrack consists of lullaby and feint cello and mandolin

Sweeping strings


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While I try to warm up towards a more personal indie music I feel like I should just stick to scores for now 

This ost I picked is from a very personal favourite movie of mine called kung fu hustle 

A movie that blends genres of tragedy sadness comedy but is still very fun refreshing and hints of balanced romance that doesent choke the viewers that makes the most stone hearted people feel symphaty

directed by Stephen Chow and as the main character who wants to be a gangster trying to prove himself  in attempt to join the fearsome axe gang 


I like this in a way that the ost doesent really have this much soul hearted light music and I've picked this as my favourite 


The guqin brothers are notorious hitmen contracted to assassinate the mysterious kung fu masters blended in the projects ordered after the humiliation that followed the axe gang




As sings attempts of forcing himself to be a wannabe gangster he spots the project that he will bully to earn his place in the ace gang


the calm cello and violins speak of the old Chinese rivers and green mountains as the stranger tries to find his road then the seed is planted for his unexpected transformation




Sing is forced to back off from the commeners living in the project all of them are secretly kung fu masters and in an attempt to scare them he lights the signal flare for the axe gang which dooms the entire project and its inhabitants 



The 3 mysterious kung fu masters fight against overwhelming odds


The theme of the axe gang followed by their signiture execution as they dance towards their victims




Sings morality takes over him as he saves the remaining true masters of kung fu from the axe gangs most dangerous killer the beast which he laid dormant as he waited for a opponent worthy of his effort 

After a brutal punishment and a near death experience the axe gangs last siege on the project begins as they hunt the remaining masters 

Just in time before sings untimely transformation as he stands as the last vanguard in a epic confrontation 

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