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未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) new double A-side single "故ニ恋セヨ乙女唄/指切り" (Ko ni Koiseyo Otome-uta/Yubikiri) release + crowdfunding campaign

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"Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have a large amount of debt and our future activities are in a difficult situation. However, I would like to fulfill the promise to all the people I met on this tour by finishing the "47 prefectures x 2 laps tour" which is a long-cherished desire of all members and fans to FINAL. Therefore, we would like to ask for your urgent support."





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They're not getting as much support as they need so they want foreigners to chip in now. (they have 6 days left & are not even halfway to their goal)





We are 「Mikansei_Alice」,a Japanese visual band.

Now,we are in a lot of difficult situations because of the COVID-19virus.But we're doing crowdfunding to make our dreams come true!! And looking for a supporters in all of world!!


For more information, please see the YouTube overview section. Thank you for your support!!


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On 6/23/2020 at 9:37 AM, Shaolan974 said:

未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) new CD "故ニ恋セヨ乙女唄/指切り" (Ko ni Koiseyo Otome-uta/Yubikiri) release ?


The single has been changed to a crowdfund-limited release! See rewards info for more details! They also have a couple of re-recording CDs planned as well!


More info:

When Mikansei Alice planned their 47 prefecture tour (which consisted of 15 shows) and their tour final at Akasaka BLITZ for June 4 this year, it was called "stupid and reckless" for a young band like them to do as they've only been active for 3 years. However, due to COVID-19, they had to cancel so now they have a fuckton of debt worth over 3 million yen  (~30,000 USD) and are at risk of disbanding. The campaign ends on July 30.


Expenses required to continue activities:

1.6 million yen (Akasaka BLITZ estimated price)

800,000 yen (Cancellation/postponement of 15 performances; cancellation fees vary thru each venue, even if postponed)

600,000 yen (Expenses for performance staff, travel expenses, etc.)

500,000 yen (Making of the live DVD of the tour final performance)


Vocalist Rui is strongly dedicated to this project, as he has always wanted to perform at the venue (for 10 years to be exact). He even invited his father, who has never seen him perform live, so he wants to raise the funds in order to actually make this a reality.


Campaign rewards (which also includes a crowdfund-limited single release) :


[Don't Lose! Mikansei Alice Course]2000 yen 

-a thank you message from the band (mail form)

(All rewards will include this privilege)

Scheduled delivery: September 2020 (most rewards will be delivered around this time unless stated otherwise)


[Crowdfunding limited recommended men towel course] 3000 yen

Thank you message

+Men's towel limited to this campaign


[Crowdfunding limited photobook] 4000 yen

Thank you message

+Photobook of new costumes, past live shots, private shots on the members' phones (?!??!?!), will include your name (*no content with third parties or anything that "violates public morals" pls)


[Crowdfunding limited double A-side SINGLE「故ニ恋セヨ乙女唄/指切り」Course] 4000 yen

[CD-R tracklist]

[Crowdfunding limited double A-side SINGLE「故ニ恋セヨ乙女唄/指切り」SPECIAL EDITION Course] 5000 yen


[CD-R tracklist:]

1.慧可断臂 (SE)
4.故ニ恋セヨ乙女唄-器楽曲- (instrumental)
5.指切り-器楽曲- (instrumental)


DVD-R contents same as regular edition


[One for all, all for one T-shirt Course] 5000 yen


T-shirt containing participating artists and venues for what would've been their 47 prefecture tour

Colors Black/White

Sizes S~XL


[10 Member Cheki & 4 Song Retakes] 15,000 yen



[CD-R tracklist] (rerecording CD)

「Alice'z memory-half-」


*Your name will be included in the CD booklet~


+10 signed cheki of your favorite member


[8 Song Retakes + Member Greeting Video] 20,000 yen



[CD-R tracklist:]

「Alice'z memory-full-」

7.i scream-Retake-



Greetings from your favorite member; you can ask a question or make a request (some questions can't be answered xD)



8 song retake CD-R + DVD-R greeting video

+3 minute cooking video!! (DVD-R)

+20 cheki of your favorite member (with signature or comment)


[Your Very Own Studio Oneman] 50,000 yen

Request a venue and date, plus your own setlist for the band to play ♥♥♥

Will be performed at a studio

Label manager will be present (👀)

Will be delivered via email in August

*Transportation costs apply


[Meet Mikansei Alice at the Vampire Cafe!] 50,000 yen

Participate in a meeting with Mikansei Alice to discuss their future activities!! Sit with your favorite member!! All while in front of Kiwamu!! At a Vampire Cafe!!

Will take place at Ginza Restaurant

Light meal will be provided + commemorative photo with the band

*10 people only

*Transportation costs applies

*Details will be emailed in August; will be held sometime this year


[Supporter Limited Secret Event Course 👀] 100,000 yen

Secret event to be held in the suburbs of Kanto in October-December 2020...

Details to be delivered in August

*Transportation costs apply


[Mikansei Alice is With You!!] 150,000 yen

Vampire Cafe meeting

+Your very own LIVE oneman!

Invitation ticket to oneman live (2 songs) which will take place in Tokyo and will be a complete live performance with live staff and you as the audience!

*Transportation fees apply

+15 min phone call with your favorite member!!!

Details to be delivered in August


[You are the Producer! Dye Mikansei Alice into Your Own Color!] 200,000 yen

Be Kiwamu the producer for the day! Produce your own 30-minute oneman and participate in studio rehearsals and meetings!

Determine setlists, MC words, makeup, costumes for live performances!

+produce a 30 minute oneman live at Vampire Cafe! Label manager will be present! 😱

+15 min phone call with your favorite member!!!

*Transportation fees apply

Details to be delivered in August


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15 minutes ago, suji said:

now they have a fuckton of debt worth over 3 million yen and are at risk of disbanding. The campaign ends on July 30.

Man I always figured if anyone was successful or doing well on starwave it would be these guys 

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