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Guys idk if you like lp but they were legendary back in the day 

(to many only for HT and meteora) 

And 3 years after Chester committed suicide they decided to initially release some of their most requested songs from their demo vault (the main reason I would buy it) 

Theyre gonna release the never heard and only hearsay songs only the hardcorest  fans would wait for and the Holy grail of their most anticipated song (pictureboard) it comes with 3 albums and all of them in 3 formats with a picturebook of the bands youth 

The main reason I'm excited is their stick and move demo from xero and maybe they would do a 20th anniversary meteora which I would be eunuch for if they ever decide to release the demos from meteora 

its a shame their last album was pop and I hated them for it but I'm sure the forgotten demos cd will make up for the 3 year wait and the worst album to date (one more light) 

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Yes, I was so into it since I saw One Step Closer MV on MTV :D

I even listened to it when I drive my motorbike, I know it's dangerous, but I was a teenager who doesn't care about safety and shit :P


This album got no fillers, each song just so good. I never once skip songs. Not once.


I remember that time, casette was still widely sold on record stores, and I had about 3 Hybird Theory casette, 1 was played to often, the ribbon just thinned out and broke. One was had its ribbon stucked and tangled inside my walkman. And one other was repackaged, with My December in it.


I must say they are a great act to close the nu metal era. Can't be better than that.


If they are going to re-release this with rare and unreleased tracks, I will have to get them. For old time sake.

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Ohohoho they got the entire 200 - 1997 era lpu songs on it to the digital download but it's the extremely anticipated pictureboard everyone's drooling over 

I hope it's worth the excitement

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