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Hololive V-tubers

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Anyone else here watch Japanese V-tubers on youtube? I'm not usually into really cutesy or idol-related entertainment but these videos have been a constant source of comedy for me lately.

I don't really know the nitty gritty but, for those unintroduced, Hololive is an agency that works with virtual youtubers. They're essentially a 2D or 3D character model dawned with a unique personality and character type (e.g. Korone Inugami the dog vtuber with a sweet & playful personality or Houshou Marine the obscene and playful pirate).




I've heard people going so far as referring to these personalities as "idols", which, I think is actually accurate. There are a ton of vtubers so I've only watched a few handful of these personalities myself. Most of them just stream games anyways and I usually end up watching clips that other people repost. But the draw of these vtubers for me is that they're supposed to be these pure idol-like characters but they just end up making very obscene and explicit videos and things get crazy REAL fast. 


But that's enough talking, here are a few clips

*Fair warning, very NSFW

This should give you good sense of the range of hololive videos and characters

These are a few of my favs:



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I can't say I'm particularly familiar with Hololive - especially that sort of content - but I've seen a few videos from AZKi, who I believe is one of their main music-focused V-tubers. She has a cute voice.




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Gonna post a bunch of stuff that's related to this forum:


Kiryu Coco has said she was a bangya in the past. She did a stream talking about it, 'exposing the mysterious and strange rules of the bangya world':


She also sings L'Arc-en-Ciel and Golden Bomber songs in her streams (possible others too but I don't follow her much) and here's a small snippet of her singing An Cafe. She's the worst singer in the group but singing was far from the main reason for hiring her.


The drummer of Golden Bomber was the focus of an episode of a vtuber sitcom that aired on TV that featured some hololive members and others. At the end they sing memeshikute. I posted about it here:



And not hololive related but a Nijisanji guy did a live 3d concert covering 9mm Parabellum Bullet, THE BACK HORN, ONE OK ROCK and other bands. The 3d tracking on all the instruments and such is super impressive and he's a really good singer. afaik it has the superchat record and views record for vtuber streams.


And don't forget to subscribe to haachama channeru :)

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So I checked out some of the content from the new Hololive English branch recently out of curiosity, and I'm kind of loving Mori Calliope.


"later on, as I was writing some 'flaming bars',..." is a quality lead-in to telling your fans you want to call them "Dead Beats".




And, honestly, 'flaming bars' is a fair description.



Gawr Gura randomly covering Tatsuro Yamashita and saying "City Pop Shark - that is me." is also quality content.



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