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hey there. im not really sure why i am here but i was very much into vk a while back but ive been away for a while. recently, i got an apple music subscription again and i was able to access a lot of the old music i had and of course i rediscovered some old vk favs . my old love for the genre came was revived and here i am. the only vk band that i have listened to consistently since, is plastic tree. they're my favorite vk, and probably top 3 favorite bands of all time (and before you judge me, i will say i really have not bothered to listen to anything they've released after hakusei because i have completely given up on them making good music ever again and am solely surviving and keeping my love for them alive through their older stuff). i am not sure if i still genuinely love vk or if its the nostalgia that has me feeling this way, so im excited to listen to newer stuff and some undiscovered older stuff and hopefully start regularly listening to it again! some of the bands i listen(ed) to are: the gazette, kagrra, alice nine, sug, dir en grey, emmuree, unsraw, malice mizer, versailles, matenrou opera. these days i would like to discover bands with more of an interesting or unique sound (for example today i finally listened to zi:kill and realized ive been missing out). so feel free to dm me and say hi or whatever

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