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Japanese movie collectors... anybody?

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So this is a thread that may or may not exist (not that I found at least), but Japanese films are a topic that really isn’t touched on much on here. Are there any other collectors/owners of Japanese film on here? I’ve got a growing list myself, and I thought it’d be a pretty interesting topic. So, any others out there? Here’s my collection so far, non-OVA anime series not included.


From oldest acquired to newest:


- Alien Nine

- Cyber City Oedo 808

- Dead Leaves

- Crying Freeman: Complete Collection

- Kite/Mezzo Forte (Uncut)

- Hellevator

- Gonin (1 & 2)

- Bounce Ko Gals

- Survive Style 5+

- Freeze Me

- The Embryo Hunts in Silence

- Tokyo Psycho

- Neighbor No. 13

- Tokyo Rampage

- The Crazy Family

- Red Room (1 & 2)

- Vermilion Pleasure Night: Complete Collection

- Blood and Bones

- Tag

- First Love

- Double Suicide: Japanese Summer

- Late Bloomer

- All Night Long Collection (1-3)

- Kichiku

- Gate of Flesh

- Party 7

- I Will Buy You

- Belladonna of Sadness

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I don't really own a lot of Japanese movies, mainly because the prices on the stuff I want is just too damn high.


But the few I have got is:



Stray Cat Rock DVD box with all the movies


Ninja Scroll

Vampire Hunter D

Spirited Away

Howl's Moving Castle


Amon Saga

Shadow Skill

Kiki's Delivery Service

My Neighbor Totoro

Berserk (1997)


Your Name.

Shogun Assassin




Tetsuo - The Iron Man/Tetsuo II - Body Hammer




I know I've got more stuff on VHS, and I am pretty sure I've got more on DVD/BR as well. Just can't remember it all.

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Niiiice. Speaking of Tetsuo-like films, I’ve been on the lookout for a copy of a split-DVD set that has Rubber’s Lover and Pinocchio 964. Too damn expensive though.

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Yeah, the prices are quite often a huge problem in purchasing stuff like this. Which is a shameparty, because I would love to own some more cult films and stuff. 


I do own a have few Japanese splatter movies too tho, come to think of it. Meatball Machine andI Meatball Machine Koduko, Robogeisha, Mutant Girls Squad and a few more.

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