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Because they're awesome.



Kanon Matenrou - vocals, guitars

-Memai- - guitars

E.D.E.N. - bass

TELL - support drums

MUNIMUNI was formed in the spring of 2005, Kanon Matenrou being the core song/lyrics-writing member. They had their first live in July that year, and as they say, the rest is history. Their sound can be described as a hazy psychedelic mix of dark/goth-rock and post-punk, laden with references to classic visual kei. Their music is at times energetic, at times very melancholic but always has a certain dreamy quality.

Any fans? (I know there are XD) Maybe anyone who went to an actual concert of theirs? Favorite releases? I think their full album was really good, one of the best of last year. But basically I love all their stuff.

I can't wait for their new mini album!! Hopefully we won't have to wait as much as for MAGICAL MOONIES, lol.

A list of songs that haven't been recorded yet (good candidates for the mini album IMO):

- I my me you your yours

- the ghost song

- Shiranai no

- boys

- woo pee haa pee

- The doguu song

- [untitled new song, played on January 11th 2011]

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I was just listening to them yesterday. Their guitar-style/ atmosphere is one of the best things I've heard in a while. I need to get into the vocals more, because they're a bit weird for me. If I can acquire a taste for his vocals, then I know I'll really start to enjoy this band. Cool stuff!

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if you listen to them for the first time it's probably natural that the vocals strike you most but they work perfectly with the slightly psychedelic post-punkish instrumentation which is why i wouldn't call them weird...

i enjoyed all their releases so i'm very curious about the upcoming doguu album, hopefully it won't take too long (on the other hand i don't want to be the one complaining about long production periods... good music needs time)

favs: ヒー, パワー, Tonight with you & 死者列車

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^ That's a pretty good song (not my fave though), actually that whole mini album is really awesome. :)

Can't wait for their upcoming mini... it's been ages since they announced it... and knowing them, it'll be ages till they finally release it. xDDD

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Totally random, but I've just found an awesome set of live photos! :DUUR:

Anyway, I guess it's kinda obvious now that their mini album won't come out in 2011 as they planned. :lol: Hopefully in 2012 then! I'm dyyying~ to hear some new music from them!

Oh, another random bit: according to a recent setlist, apart from the already listed new songs they played another new one titled ラブバラード (Love Ballad).

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According to the OHP, their 2-man concert (with the god and death stars) on 2011/12/13 in Shinjuku LOFT was a "video shooting gig".

...sooo~ hopefully this means we'll be getting an announcement of some sort of video of the guys? I'm hoping for a full live DVD - they announced one back in 2007 (when they had a gig with LAB. THE BASEMENT) but that never came through. Anyway, if this really gets released it would be the first ever official video recording of the band...pretty surreal/exciting, huh? XD

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No big news yet, but according to Kanon's blog they gave out (or sold?) some CDRs at their oneman gig on 2012/01/17 that has one of the songs from the upcoming mini album - of which there is still no update...

However, here's the setlist of that concert if anyone's interested:

01. [new song]

02. Nioi

03. one day

04. spellbound

05. Yureru kagee

06. Power

07. Magaru sekai

08. the ghost song

09. believe

10. Love Ballad

11. the doguu song

12. My Lucifer

13. [new song]

14. boys

15. Woo pee haa pee

16. Shiranai no

17. He

18. Fuffuu

19. Setsudan

...it appears they have 8 new songs now. LOL they'd better stop torturing us~ xD

I'm secretly hoping this might mean that the mini album will instead be a full-length one but I'm not getting my hopes up. Hopefully the OHP will get updated soon with info on this release (the main page still has the flyer for the concert).

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I keep running into pages of them, guess now's a good time to start listening

Not really a fan of vkei, especially recently, but I sorta like their older stuff produced by tk of Rin Toshite Shigure.

WHAAAA?? Now this I really need to hear

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Matenrou posted this on his blog:















Can anyone translate the gist of it please? Seems like he's saying Munimuni will be on hiatus after the 09/28 gig till they find a new drummer? And something about editing a DVD? Herupu miii~ D:

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Yes, the band went on hiatus after their temporary drummer left. It's a shame that so many of their guitarist and drummers leave! Their website says the 'next chapter' will be in December. Can't wait for them to release anything!

And from what I could gather, it seems that the DVD was hastily being edited and that perhaps it would not be ready for the 9/28 gig.

Sometimes I wonder about this band...do they not release records more frequently because they do not get studio time or is it because they can't get studio time? I mean, they've been writing new songs for years but if anyone remembers their first full album, the webpage was teasing it for about a year and a half before it came out. It sounds to me like they're just financially unable to get into the studio!

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^ Yeah, I think the main reason is financial troubles... I mean they play in a style that is not popular enough to sell well I guess, plus they're pretty underground (and Kanou still works his ass off in random session groups, etc). I hope we'll get to see some sort of announcement in December or maybe next year, about a potential new CD.

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Thought I'd revive this thread for a bit. So what's your guys' favorite MOONIE songs from their newer batch of releases (post-2010)?




Also shoutout to my manz Canou's sick goth rap skills in B-BOY, lol.

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Post-2010 would be:

A Kills A
The Doguu Song
shiranai no -kioque of bala

I liked A Diary of Mr. Moonlight as a whole....but no one track gives me that ear-worm like the above mentioned songs.

And just to round things out, here's my pre-2010 favorite list:

-Neo Fuffu (this is the definitive version of the song for me - that scream at the end right before the last chorus is amazing)
-Beat for you
-magaru sekai
-one day
-Moon & The Moonies

Also, for some more of Maternou's rapping 'skills' can be heard in the short lived 玉筋クールJ太郎 side project:



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Oh my god, I totally forgot about this project. It's certainly very uhhh... cool? :')))


Also hell yeah, Neo Fuffuu! ♥ That list is pretty accurate for what I would choose myself, adding Power to the mix too maybe. And I can't forget the amazing Mugen Minus cover at the end of the Magaru sekai mini album, I get goosebumps listening to it till this day (even though it's just a cover I consider it one of their best). The original's fine too, but I think MUNIMUNI adds an extra layer of dread to it with those wailing guitars and the trademark shakey vocals.





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