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"Well, a lot of it is classic Manson: dark, sinister vocals over throbbing rhythms and heavy, thrashing guitars. The vocals are featured prominently, especially on the slower tempo grinds, though a couple had an almost EBM quality that will fit well on goth club dance floors. One track has a super catchy chorus that could do the K-ROQ rounds. We asked about titles, but Manson said "no names!" We were asked to not reveal lyrics, either, but all you have to do is watch "Born Villain" to get an idea of the themes and feel: arty, dramatic, salacious, depraved. You know, the usual."

http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsoun ... ain_ni.php

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"One track has a super catchy chorus that could do the K-ROQ rounds"

am i the only one that speculating this could be single potential song?

and goth club dance floors part makes me happy a little.

If what the writer meant was the one that i am thinking about :P

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a lot of things were said about the last album though at an early stage and didn't deliver... description sounds great but I won't hold my breath yet.

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and here comes SOMETHING.





That's Saturn, The Nordic rune for the Letter 'M' or an Algiz, and Aqua-Regia, I googled it and it's a highly corrosive mixture of acids, who was used to dissolve gold, platinum, etc. Created by Pseudo-Geber, Lavoisier called it nitro-muriatic acid in 1789. More on google, but that's pretty much it.

Nothing known if this is really related to Manson,

but StudioServitu is co-owned by Miss Crash , the red headed woman on Born Villain.,

it is also the place where Nick hosted the Art show few posts above.

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not bad, that one with the flies though :wub:

and translation for this page:

(click to enlarge)


Profanity rocker, known for albums Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals talks about sex and reveals the background of his latest video, directed by Shia LaBeouf, and the anticipation of his new album, Born Villain.

Black, black and black again. To walk without tripping the only face the light of a phone. Ceilings, walls, floors, sofas, bookcases, all black. One has the impression that I could suddenly fall into a hole that leads straight to Hell. Instead we are in Hollywood, in the vicinity of the Chateau Marmont, the home of Marilyn Manson. It seems along the belly of the beast, the great castle of "Beauty and the Beast," the laboratory of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." The name is known and the fruit of the union of Marilyn (Monroe) and (Charles) Manson, almost a split personality between the angel and the demonic. Designed to provoke and to be ironic.

And always hovering between instinct and sarcasm. The 42-year old of Ohio, writes and paints his nightmares in a “den” all-black, standing next to a white cat, gift of ex Dita Von Teese.

In this world, his home and his black, MM (“Logo” discarded at the beginning of his career because the trademark icon Mickey Mouse had it already) creates, plays, paints, writes, and lives of both his dreams and nightmares, constantly poised between satire and sarcasm psyche, described in his work with insight, knowledge and intelligence to be unique and special. Qualities that emerge only when you know it well. The single point of light across the black of the loft is Lily White, the white cat given to him by his ex-wife Dita Von Teese.

“My relationship with Lily is the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a ‘pussy’, but not in the sense of the word vagina,” he jokes. Waiting for the release of new album,but you can already see the video for the single that gives the title to 'LP' Born Villain ", directed by Shia LaBeouf. “I met him at the Chateau Marmont, a magical place that attracts creativity like a magnet with the iron,” he says. “More than a video, I would consider a short movie that Shia has decided to run only after you understand everything that inspired me in literature and cinema. I spent days talking to him about "The flowers of evil", the works of Edgar Allen Poe's "Macbeth", yet all things modern.” The theme of the video? “The resurrection, rebirth. It was an ongoing collaboration with input of all kinds, including "8 1 / 2", Federico Fellini preferred.”

“I made this album with the same spirit that I had 10 years ago when I still had the desire to succeed Then, having had everything and lost everything, I'm back with the same energy of a time, cleaned up. With only what I've decided to keep: collections of movies, books, and art. The rest does not interest me. The video is extreme. It’s hard core with a mix of horror, and reveals the birth of a new man, a reborn artist. It’s also a message to all those who seek to understand, criticize, guess my work as an artist, a homage, and a statement against a world of Hollywood and its history. One of the most explicit of the film is the reference to "An Andalusian Dog" by Luis Bunuel (but here goes at times far beyond the surrealism of the Spanish artist, editor's note) This collaboration with Shia made me discover the aggression against life that I knew I had, but remained dormant. With "Born Villain," I have withdrawn it all.” He drinks a glass of absinthe (illegal in the States), the same recipe as drunk by Oscar Wilde in Paris, which he produces with the label Mansinthe.

“I can not do one thing, I feel trapped, I have to continuously produce. So I dedicate myself to music, art, film, painting, all to tell stories. But I never want to be trite or presented in a pack of convenience,” he points out. “When I lose my concentration, it seems that my brain is synchronized with twenty televisions on different channels. I lose contact with reality and it begins to roam between different thoughts. But, more often than not, tune to the same frequency and resume possession of the remote control.” In the back of the room stacked dozens of gift painting, watercolors, charcoals. “I started with painting one morning at dawn in 1997, with Billy Zane at the end of a party in this building (which was then his own). We started shooting holes in a canvas, and poured buckets of color. I began to paint and gave him a portrait. Now I love watercolors.”

“I have always enjoy shooting pictures of naked women. And I'm particularly interested in the body from the torso up.”

“For me, painting is a way to interact with people on a deeper level, despite being a solitary activity. Dali is one of my favorite artist, because I find that his (continued on pg. 176)

and for this picture:

http://marilynmansonfrance.free.fr/phot ... =307&pos=3

the quote said:

"I do not use condoms, not because it is Catholic, but because they are an "outlaw."

And I also don't care about credibility, because they are absolutely incredible."

Also, there is some event for Halloween in Las Vegas with Manson:


The beautiful people will compete in a costume contest judged by Mr. Halloween himself.

http://clubscenecritics.com/halloween-w ... uide-2011/


http://bestoflasvegas.com/2010/news/new ... good-time/


http://www.spyonvegas.com/events/the-ba ... son-hosts/



A friend of Manson, Nick Kushner, about the new album:

the new record is seriously like the father of the entire Triptych. this isn't just hype. it's the most dynamic album to date and everything that fans (including myself) were missing about earlier records is not only back but blows everything previous out of the water.

So it seems it will be like prequel of the Triptych.

Some lucky fans who heard it on the art exhibition few weeks ago

also begin to leak information that it's pretty Industrial/"Almost EBM"

Sounds good, eh?

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I hope you don't feel stepped on with my post, gyakutai :P

however there is couple of pages that haven't been translated xD

btw, fun facts:

There are 34 flies on his face. In the next image he's with a naked lady.

34. Rule 34: For everything there is, there is porn for it.

and those who have VH1, check this news out:

http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbe ... mID=164580

This will be interesting, don't forget to check it out when it's on air :)

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^ We don't know those yet, they're only in the printed magazine I guess (?). At least I haven't come across them yet. If it's much trouble you don't need to translate!

Random: here's a little behind-the-scenes vid.


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remember the 11.11.11?

BE excited!

The website for it is now opened!


Make sure to check the OHP out ever now and then.

or not...

From Nick Kushner Interview:

- Any other places, beside the sites listed, our readers can see more of your work?

Check out my work, where it’s possible to purchase prints, postcard, posters, and more at TheThirdAngelSounded.com. And also check out my site Nachtkabarett.com which is forthcoming in book form about the occult & esoteric symbolism behind the art of Marilyn Manson, which is also the home of the Official Marilyn Manson messageboard.

- What’s next?

A few prospective shows are lined up but namely for LA fans, keep your schedule cleared for 11.11.11. I can’t give away too many details but it will be an even more exclusive (and theatrical) event & collaboration that should not be missed. The stars are maligned for this one.

http://www.lip-service.com/webzine/2011 ... k-kushner/

And this domain isn't Manson's: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-s ... igned.com#


Domains by Proxy, Inc.


15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

United States

But Born Villain was and is Manson's: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-s ... llain.com#




care of Network Solutions

PO Box 459

Drums, PA 18222


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^ I see~ ...but still interesting/exciting! :D It sure looks Mansonesque though.

Maybe that "even more exclusive (and theatrical) event & collaboration" will be a collab with Manson? Since MM showed up at his previous art exhibit too, and played his new album... maybe something similar will happen.

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Someone has translated the page 176

"Chaos is the best form of communication, but technically I feel closest to Egon Schiele, its hard lines and broken. Lately I also am passionate about photography, but if I make a nice picture of something, and the work done so: not carry on the canvas, the hyper-realism does not stimulate me, I have the iPhone. In general I prefer to shoot naked women, I am interested in the human body, especially from the torso up. In fact I think the real reason why it was invented camera is precisely to capture the forbidden, the nakedness, the private," quips Manson. But his madness seems only apparent because, "When it comes to my work are a very practical person, I like me because boundaries stimulate my creativity." But just look back and return the demons: two doors are covered with hard-core porn pictures of vulvas. "When I make music I use it as inspiration, as a reminder of how bad that particular female body part!" he exclaims with a laugh that says it all. From there you move to a more topical issue, that of child abuse of some that he has suffered as a kid. "If someone creates something in the world should not take it away. So a little should never be violated. But it is true that you create problems, and it's also nice to fix them otherwise life would be useless. However, I do not know what to think. I might even venture a blasphemous thought that there is an agreement with manufacturers of condoms. Contrary to the extreme, could create a gadget-condoms with the Vatican coat of arms, could be a success. But I do not use them because it is not Catholic, but simply because they are "outlaws". And do not care to my credibility, because I'm absolutely incredible."

At the end of the magazine some of the interviews done were translated in english. Too bad Manson's wasn't one of them.

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It's about the Born villain video, too so :

Its the Intro From the Marilyn Manson page (20/10/2010)

From 0:09 till the end of the video there is the same noise as from the Born villain video ( 0:00-1:30)

Also short footage of THEOL:


It is his house btw, cool stuffs all around.

That clay figure from Celebrity Death match & life size Alice doll ftw.

Wish it was longer.

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Ya, the THEOL was unreleased before and was only published recently by the photographer :D

anyway, something to be excited about:


btw, that guy is the Webmaster of current MM website,

follow that fb for updates :D

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